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The Solution to America's Retirement Crisis

New Video Explains the Facts About Defined Benefit Pension Plans

A new video, "The Solution to America's Retirement Crisis," produced by the IAFF, is designed to be used by affiliates to educate lawmakers, decision-makers and other audiences on the facts of defined benefit pension plans.


Defined benefit plans were created to assure that after a career serving the public and risking their lives for others, fire fighters had secure, stable and dependable retirement income. Public employees -- including fire fighters -- have frequently forfeited pay raises to improve and protect their retirement benefits. Employees earn less during their careers, but receive good pension benefits that are guaranteed. This guarantee protects employees and family members in their retirement years. Equally important, the accidental disability provisions unique to defined benefit programs are essential for public safety employees who risk their lives every day saving others.

Defined benefit retirement plans are vital to retaining experienced and qualified workers, yet many local and state politicians consider public employee pensions overly generous and are calling for pension "reform" designed to completely eliminate defined benefit plans.

The IAFF also encourages affiliates to share this video with their members, friends, family and neighbors, as well as post it on their web site, Facebook page, Twitter and other social media.

It is time that the truth is told about defined benefit pension plans. 

2013 Christmas Shopping Spree

The Garland Fire Fighters Association would like to thank all of our sponsors and members for making the 2014 Christmas Shopping Spree a tremendous success. This year 97 children from Garland were able to participate. Each child was given $125.00 to spend at Wal-Mart on the item of their choice. Please visit the following link to an article at Around Garland:
Garland Fire Fighters - Coats for Kids

Garland Fire Fighters - Coats for Kids Join Garland Fire Fighter's Association (GFFA) in helping provide coats for GISD students.  GFFA has partnered with Project Warm in an effort to provide NEW - Made in U.S.A. coats for qualifying students at one of GISD's elementary schools.
Download: GFFA_December_2013_Thanks_Rev4-1-1.pdf
IAFF and MDA - Fill the Boot

Since 1954, members of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) have been collecting and donating funds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  During this time, fire fighters across the United States and Canada have collected more than $450 million dollars for MDA. The generosity of Texans is apparent every year as the Fill the Boot campaign wraps up.
Welcome to the Garland Fire Fighters Association, Local 1293

 Thank you for taking the time to visit.

The Garland Fire Fighters Association, Local 1293 is an organization, comprised of 240 career firefighters proudly serving the citizens of Garland, Texas.  Garland Fire Fighters Association, Local 1293 was originally chartered on January 18, 1958.  An enormous debt of gratitude is owed to the original members that established the foundation for this fine organization for all of our brothers and sisters over the years.
Garland Fire Fighters Association (GFFA) is involved in the City of Garland on many fronts.  GFFA is involved with many charitable activities in the community.  GFFA sponsors Boy Scout Troop 100, participates in the annual MDA “Fill the Boot” drive, and hosts an annual Christmas shopping spree for children in Garland.  In 2009, Taco Casa (South Garland) has partnered with GFFA to establish a public safety scholarship available to graduating seniors from GISD, that are interested in pursuing a career in the Fire Service.  GFFA also participated in the Habitat for Humanity Playhouse Palooza in 2011 and 2012.
GFFA is thankful of the appreciation we receive from the citizens on a daily basis, which is why we are happy to give back to the community when we are able.

One of the goals of GFFA is to make sure that our members are as safe as they can possibly be in an inherently dangerous profession. The most critical component of firefighter safety is adequate staffing levels.  The other goals that GFFA seeks to assure is that GFD acquires the most state of the art equipment and technology to help us perform our job safer and more efficiently, to provide the best level of protection for Garland’s citizens.



Protect the Brotherhood - New T-Shirt

Firefighter Devon Colbert, a husband and father of two, was seriously injured in a car accident just days before Christmas.  Devon's battle has just begun as he starts the rehabilitation process. Garland Fire Fighters Association is committed to supporting Devon during this journey.
GFFA History




Do these name mean anything to you?  Should they?  You bet they should.  I do not know what the environment was like at the city or the fire department in 1958.  Some of you think I do, but I was only 4 years old at the time.  I know it took courage to put your name on this document. This is where it all started.

Lester Pelton, Cecil Nelson, Jack Abernathy, Thomas Cook, E.L. (Whistle) Hayes, Rudolf Garcia, Herbert (Fuzzy) Owens, Vernon Poor, Herbert Twyford, George Miller, J.W. Nelson, Bob Burkhart, Wilson Wright, George Melaun, Roy Schrick, John Rushing, Terry Harris, Owen (Bud) Bickel, Ted Cornelius, Calvin Herrin, D. R. (Shorty) Williams, E. J. (Buddy) Boren...

These are the names on the "Certificate of Affiliation" that chartered the Garland Fire Fighters Association, Local 1293 on January 18, 1958.  13 of these 24 members were here when I joined the GFFA.

Thanks to David Gott, Vice President and former President, who took our charter and had it very nicely matted and framed.  David presented it at the last association meeting.  I offered to reimburse him the cost, but David said he wanted it to be a gift to the GFFA from him to show his appreciation for what this organization has done for past, present, and future fire fighters in Garland.

Thanks David. 

Stop by and view this document for your self.  It is indeed a big part of our history.

What's New at GFFA 1293
IAFF 90 Years of Service Video
Garland Fire Fighters Association
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